Pi Beta Phi
At The university of louisville
Chapter Leadership

Chapter President

Carlea Brown

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite part of Pi Phi: How encouraging my sisters are

Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls

Fun Fact: If I decided to go back to school and not do engineering I would go for culinary arts

Vice President of Member Development

Lee Cooper

Major: Sociology and Communications

Favorite part of Pi Phi: How comfortable I feel around my sisters and how much fun I have at our events

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction 

Fun Fact: I was the face of multiple Louisville Public Library campaigns as a kid


Vice President of Membership

Mckenzie Ball 

Major: Psychology / Sociology

Favorite part of Pi Phi: The support system I've found through my sisters - it really is a home away from home

Favorite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fun Fact: I have a 5lbs dog named Buffy Jo

Vice President of Communications 

Rachel Spahr

Major: History

Favorite part of Pi Phi: Always having someone to hangout with 

Favorite TV show: The Office

Fun Fact: I won worst driver in high school for my senior superlitive 

Vice President of Philanthropy

Abby Miles

Major: Civil Engineering

Favorite part of Pi Phi: Academic support

Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds

Fun Fact: I drive bulldozers at work

Vice President of Housing 

Brooke Shields

Major: Nursing 

Favorite part of Pi Phi: All the people I've met and the oppertunities it has given me to grow

Favorite Movie: The Avengers

Fun Fact: I've visited Las Vegas, Disneyland, the Hoover Dam, Universal Studios, and Southern California all in one week. 

Vice President of Event Planning

Lois Schroeder

Major: Communications

Favorite part of Pi Phi: Meeting all of my friends 

Favorite TV show: Friday Night Lights

Fun Fact: My family bought a dog from Sydney Australia 

Vice President of Administration 

Kelsey O'Sullivan

Major: Psychology 

Favorite part of Pi Phi: How much I've grown through it

Favorite TV show: The Bachelor/Bachlorette 

Fun Fact: I've been to over 30 states and 8 countries

Vice President of Finance

Emily Kreutzjans

Major: Accounting

Favorite part of Pi Phi: Spending time with my littles

Favorite TV show: The Office 

Fun Fact: I love food / restaurants and yelp I'm yelp elite

Vice President of Fraternity Development 

Krystin Sapp

Major: Nursing

Favorite part of Pi Phi: All the friends I've made and our inside jokes

Favorite Movie: Secret Life of Pets

Fun Fact: I have a 17lbs cat names beans