Pi Beta Phi
Kentucky Alpha Chapter
at The University of Louisville
Chapter Leadership

Chapter President

Brooke Shields

Major: Nursing

Favorite part of Pi Phi: The wonderful people I have met and getting to serve our members as Vice Presidnet of Housing and President.

Favorite TV show: The Office

Fun Fact: My mom was also a Kentucky Alpha

Vice President of Member Development

Erin Meade

Major: Psychology and English

Favorite part of Pi Phi: My favorite part about Pi Phi has been getting to know so many girls that have the same values as me and being able to make a difference in our community with the women I love.

Favorite TV show: American Horror Story 

Fun Fact: In the sixth grade someone asked me what my favorite song was and the coolest song I could think of was Lamborghini Mercy so I went home later that night and memorized the whole song.

Vice President of Membership

Lauren Traylor

Major: Marketing

Favorite part of Pi Phi: My favorite thing has been getting my littles and the big/little relationships I have through Pi Phi.

Favorite TV show: Grey's Anatomy 

Fun Fact: I love photography and making videos in my down time.

Vice President of Communications 

Lauren Brown

Major: Civil Engineering

Favorite part of Pi Phi: I have made some of my closest and strongest friendships in Pi Phi. 

Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl

Fun Fact: I can say the whole alphabet backwards!

Vice President of Philanthropy

Elena Berkenbosch

Major: History and Politcal Science

Favorite part of Pi Phi: My family and the outlet I have been given to grow.

Favorite TV show: Designated Survior

Fun Fact: I know every word to Mamma Mia! the movie.

Vice President of Housing 

Shannon Maloney


Favorite part of Pi Phi: 

Favorite TV show: 

Fun Fact: 

Vice President of Event Planning

Ashley Waller

Major: Elementry Education

Favorite part of Pi Phi: I love how there is always a sister to do something with no matter what it is that you're doing.

Favorite TV show: The Good Place

Fun Fact: I went to 10 countries in 18 days

Vice President of Administration 

Elizabeth Guest

Major: Nursing 

Favorite part of Pi Phi: Bonding with sisters and meeting new people. I also enjoyed getting a little and getting involved with other Greek organizations. 

Favorite TV show: Bob's Burgers

Fun Fact: I love concerts and have been to over 45 concerts

Vice President of Finance

Sarah Farrell

Major: Finance

Favorite part of Pi Phi: All the girls I’ve been able to meet and make memories with that have made me the person I am today.

Favorite TV show: Prison Break 

Fun Fact: I love to cook

Vice President of Fraternity Development 

Caitlin Armstrong

Major: Nursing

Favorite part of Pi Phi: I love the relationships I have created but especially with my big.

Favorite TV show: Grey's Anatomy 

Fun Fact: I'm the first in my family to be involved in Greek Life.